We create native forests with trees of 1.5/2 meters high conforming to the needs of the territory. We give forests to citizenship in order to create new sociability, sharing areas and with the aim to sensitise people to respect the environmental heritage.

Through our forests we produce areas of interest, ecological corridors for the fauna, areas of compensation of the carbon dioxide, natural barriers for sound and an important tool to combat the temperature inversion. Each forest can be used by a company for team building activities, workshops or company welfare event.


Planted Trees
*CO2 (Kg)


Selva Urbana’s goal is to develop "Urban Forests" and to valorise the territory through the plantation of trees in urban voids and unused potential public areas. Each forest contributes to increase oxygen, to decrease the amount of noise pollution and to protect different animal species.

The members (companies and educational institutions) can take advantages from our organisationwith internal communication and implementation of welfare polices lessons with the aim to implement the "good practices" within their members.

“I have climbed on the top of a tree that I planted when I was a child and I saw how many trees we could plant together. Today this dream is becoming a reality thanks to all of you.”
Davide Cazzaniga - President

A tree is the perfect gift for who you love. A thought of great significance and multiple purposes!


Selva Urbana thinks to the future of the planet: we have created inter-disciplinary environmental education projects for the new generations. The formative proposals focus on the development of environmental awareness and education to good daily practices with particular attention to the themes of Reuse, Recycling and Reduction. The formative proposals have been studied and developed according to a participatory and emotional approach, based on themes with a strong social impact for the different ages.