Our forests

Our Forests

All projects see Selva Urbana as a promoter and collector between profit, non-profit and municipal realities. The association also takes care of the sponsor's research and the communication part in order to increase the sensitivity of citizens and bring them closer to the world of environmental projects. Today Selva Urbana has about 3.000 followers divided on various social, newsletters and various, 1266 trees planted, 10 areas enhanced, 5 municipalities and a series of collaborations between national and international sponsors.

2019 Parco Nord Milano

200 trees

2019 - Parco Nord Milano

A new milestone for Selva Urbana that, for the second consecutive year, is collaborating with the Parco Nord Milano agency for the forestation of the largest Milanese park without fencing. This year, thanks to the contribution given by the partner Patagonia, Selva Urbana was able to plant 200 trees. An exciting forest that has seen 80 children from the Bresso schools try their hand at activities coordinated by representatives of the Park and Selva Urbana, with the training aid of Carola and Luciana (authors of the book "La Terra non mai Sporca") that they told and all immersed in the fascination of imagination by telling the story of "The Forest Man".

2018 Albavilla

80 trees

2018 - Albavilla

"Selva Urbana widens its borders of reforestation by planting 80 trees in the Municipality of Albavilla. In the borough of Como, trees are not lacking, but no one had ever invested in urban regeneration and social development as we are doing. Moreover, Albavilla is a place particularly close to the members and supporters of Selva Urbana that run between the slopes of the Bollettone. We thank in particular WildTee who introduced us to this fascinating and magical place. "

2018 Vignate

120 trees

2018 - Vignate

The second forest promoted by WildTee thanks to the collaboration of the Mayor of Vignate who believed in the Selva Urbana project, participating personally in the development of the agreement and becoming available in the planting phase. On Saturday 27 October, 120 new trees were planted by the members of the association, civil protection, school children and foreign students and founders of the trail-running company that followed the project. This new forest will be the emblem of the union between peoples as well as the continuation of a collaboration born in 2017.

2017 Parco Nord Milano

120 trees

2017 - Parco Nord Milano

A mature project, able to combine urban forestation with the conscious management of the greenery of the north park. Selva Urbana thanks to the new partner and partner, Wild Tee, planted 120 mixed plants among trees and shrubs in the area of the pond of Niguarda. An area with great potential and varied biodiversity. Parco Nord has succeeded in giving Selva Urbana's project Wild Tee a breath of international connotations with an interaction between public and private that involved everyone in a day of team building.

2017 Sovico

25 trees

2017 - Sovico

Together with Studio Apeiron, at the end of the development of a short wood supply chain project, to compensate virtually the carbon dioxide produced during the cutting, transport and production of furniture, 25 trees were planted (3.5 meters high) ) in a municipal area with strong green connotations.

2017 Varedo

305 trees

2017 - Varedo

Selva Urbana, in addition to dealing with urban redevelopment and reforestation, develops partnerships with profit and non-profit organizations in order to implement its staff of trees and provide new oxygen for social responsibility projects. Together with Zafferanami, he planted and participated in the development of the planting project for old fruit trees, which were rarely used for the difficulties in harvesting the fruit. In this project 305 trees were planted.

2017 Arese

160 trees

2017 - Arese

Inserted in the European tender, Arese saw the supply of 170 forested trees in agreement with the municipality and the director of the Groane Park. The intervention saw the forestation of a municipal territory but subjected to the protection and maintenance of the groane park.

2017 Monza

50 trees

2017 - Monza

With the same characteristics of the previous one, Monza has again accepted the intervention of Selva Urbana who has supplied 50 new forest essences to the construction site, which the municipality together with a group of young neighborhood school volunteers has planted. The intervention was financed by a European tender to which Selva Urbana participated to implement the urban green and the trees in its associative package. The announcement included the redevelopment and reforestation of the area of Monza and the Aresina area with a total of 210 certified forested trees.

2016 Monza

70 trees

2016 - Monza

In October 2016, the second Selva Urbana forest was born thanks to the fundraising developed during the five climbing stages and the contribution and availability of Patagonia Store Milano. During the spring-summer the founding members of the association met several municipalities of northern Milan in order to propose a new re-forestation project able to satisfy the needs and the mission of the same. Monza proved to be the most suitable to host the project and put all the proposed conditions into practice. A total of 70 forest trees were donated, supplied to the municipal workers who arranged for them to be located near a newly redeveloped road junction with the function of a frangisuono barrier and naturalistic habitat.

2015 Sesto San Giovanni

70 trees

2015 - Sesto San Giovanni

Selva Urbana has started a collaboration with the municipality of Sesto San Giovanni (MI) in order to redevelop the former industrial area near the volcano shopping center. The first agreement between the association and the municipality has seen the creation of a small forest (75 forest essences, 160 cm including shelter, mulching disc and bamboo guard pole) funded entirely by fundraising carried out during the sport climbing event. The forest, 2 years after its appearance has grown reaching the desired objectives and transforming the area into a pole of naturalistic attraction, ecological corridor for the species of bird and land that move in the Valle del Medio Lambro Park.

2014 Navigli

5 trees

2014 - Navigli

The story of Selva Urbana starts on the Navigli of Milan with the collaboration of lifegate and the green km project. Neophytes in the field of sustainability and urban forestation the team of the association avails itself of the advice of lifegate to plant 5 trees on the ship near the headquarters of the rower Milan.